Tuesday, October 20, 2009

week nine: craigslist

This week, write a poem inspired by a real craigslist post. Provide a link to the original post. 

Get started by browsing craigslist postings in your area or by looking at the "best of craigslist": http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/all




    Tired of this old world after all
    I'm off to Titan and I

    won't be back
    cramped in a spaceship by

    a man named Jack
    (or was it a gal named Jill?)

    I never knew for sure as its inventor
    never held still but

    jiggled and giggled like
    someone gone mad

    insisting on the ship's perfect
    viability to land safe and sad and

    sound after cruising the galaxy
    onto Saturn's orange moon

    hidden under colossus's of clouds
    that no one had seen

    so I’ll croon until I get there
    in my perfect machine

    (so he or she insisted —
    or I wouldn't have enlisted)

    SO I'm off into the blue
    having said my goodbyes

    a millennial adventure
    full of surprises

    and who knows who might greet me
    under those oceans of mist

    some gorgeous vavavoomish never-been-kissed
    perfect being who’ll administer to

    my every whim
    or (on the other hand) a Gorgon-like grim

    ghoul with twenty arms and drools
    or a furry gasser-master with

    ten heads and claws as scratching tools
    but I won't think of any of this

    I'm just keeping to my route
    which is up up and away

    without ever taking my
    foot off the accelerator until I

    get there in one piece
    so hello goodbye goodbye hello

    for on earth I was a very
    jolly good fellow!

  2. Locate & Eradicate

    within the walls
    crawling, scratching amplify
    horrible sounds

    next death
    rancid, decay intensify
    atrocious smells

    then entreat
    offering McDonald's to compensate
    the tragedy of a rodent's demise


  3. i lost pancakes"



    If you get this letter, and it has taken a very long time to find you, then I am sorry.

    I could not remember our address. I never had a need to memorize it before.

    I was so scared when we were seperated. I cried and cried and cried. I am not very brave.

    Luckily, a little girl found me. Her name is Eve. Even though Eve hugged me too tight when we first met, I was happy because I knew then that at least I was not going to die.

    I tried to explain to Eve about you, my best and only friend Melissa. Eve did not understand. She said she would be my friend. I cried because I missed you, and I really missed the beerz.

    Eve asked her mom to buy me gummi vitamins. I take one every day.

    Eve has a dog. Her dog is very scary. He is big and wet and he is called Bruce.

    Recently, Bruce the big, wet, stinky dog tried to eat me up. I told Eve that I could not live with Bruce any more. I told her I was going to move back to Melissa's house.

    Eve understood that I did not want to be eaten. She made me promise to stay friends with her even when I live with you. Is that okay?

    Eve helped me find you, Melissa. Can you please come pick me up? Eve lives in the yellow house on Maple Street. Be careful of Bruce.

    Love, Pancakes.

  4. I am so glad someone found Pancakes. I was totally freaking out for a while. We love you, Pancakes!!!