Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 8: Holidays

It's getting to that time of year again. Write a holiday poem (any holiday). Do you love them? Do you hate them? Let it out.


  1. Oh, what will you wear?
    That which arrives in Autumn's air?
    A witch is Halloween, indeed.


    There's a Hindu Holi day in
    Spring in India where they throw

    zappy bright colored
    powder on each other and

    streams of colored water
    shot from hoses into joyous

    crowds arms raised and
    shouting and who then

    end up looking positively
    neon pink blue green or orange

    against happy mahogany skin
    whereas here kids wear

    Target Spiderman costumes and
    witch hats and hold out their

    stash bags at our genial doors
    as long as the Snickers and

    Tootsie Rolls hold out
    until the

    porch light's out

  3. Christmas

    comes in august now,
    in grocery store displays

    and santas bearing ruffle chips,
    baked party crackers, convenient

    serving containers, jarred red candles
    that smell of pine needless and cinnamon

    and taste like apples and high fructose corn syrup.
    I'm making that up. but in the grocery store in august

    I did see a 10' plastic snow globe with a jolly man inside it
    with a curly white beard, and clothes inappropriate to the season.

  4. El Dia de Muertos

    Death reborn
    masks of skulls
    bright colors and
    fond memories
    a day for souls
    relived again
    gifts of love
    altar for prayer
    tears to forget
    eternal flames
    for those who never return

  5. *

    we gave thanks each november,
    by dressing as paper-bag indians,
    with war paint on our cheeks
    and rainbow-colored feathers
    attached by globs of elmer’s glue
    to construction paper headbands.

    lifting our hands, palms forward,
    we greeted each other with “hao!”
    and shouted out pow-wow cries,
    making boys with black pilgrim hats
    and girls with tissue-paper bonnets
    crumple their headgear in giggles.

  6. where i'm from the wild turkeys roam
    living off the grass and trash
    at the sides of busy roads and highways

    the sightings start in early october
    but as thanksgiving draws nearer
    the numbers in the flocks dwindle

    until only a few unhappy, ugly birds
    are left to fend and breed and spread
    to prepare for the next season