Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 7: No such thing as a stupid question?

This week, compose a poem made up of (or based off of) questions and answers.



    "If I pile wooden chairs one on
    top of another until there's a

    tall tower of chairs and I stand on the
    top chair will I see heaven?"

    "There are thirteen hungry tigers in the
    forests of Rangoon"

    "Did I ask about Rangoon? Is Rangoon
    a sector of heaven? Do they

    make chairs there?"

    "Affability is its own reward"

    "Would enough dolphins getting
    together with the Navy be

    able to learn English?"

    "Chili peppers added to the sauce bring
    a definite tang where before

    tang wasn't"

    "Should I direct my questions to
    an expert on the subject by which I mean

    maybe an expert on chairs or better
    an expert on heaven?"

    "It's all a matter of direction
    or indirection

    so if you take off on an indirection
    you might get there quicker"

    "Should substance precede style or
    style substance?"

    the tigers of Rangoon are

    waking up
    so I suggest we both

    slink off silently and
    industriously on our

    curious quests as sincere in our
    quests as ants are

    in theirs
    singly or

    in pairs"

  2. What is a speaker?
    A hare is a phone call.

    What is a blister?
    A trope is a sequin.

    What is a hurricane?
    The end is a hare.

    What is an absolute?
    The moon is a hurricane.

    What is a sequin?
    An absolute is the end.

    What is a trope?
    A mint is a speaker.

    What is a phone call?
    A cupcake is a lottery.

    What is the moon?
    A hurricane is a blister.

    What is a mint?
    A speaker is the moon.

    What is the end?
    A sequin is a cupcake.

    What is a lottery?
    A blister is a trope.

    What is a cupcake?
    A lottery is an absolute.

    What is a hare?
    A phone call is a mint.

  3. T.S. Eliot, "The Waste Land," lines 111-138. Do it now!

  4. *
    rib tickler

    will you come to bed?

    will you come to forgive
    a seed that won’t take root,
    the absence of pitter pats,

    and the silence of no jokes?

    why is six afraid of seven?
    what’s this fly doing in my soup?
    seven ate nine, the backstroke,

    the song that doesn’t end.

  5. unreasonable questions re: the nature of reality

    I must like to ask you things
    that I know you won’t answer
    like, won’t or can’t?

    are still things really motionless?
    or are they like far away
    stars, airplanes, and clouds
    that seem to be frozen when
    they’re rushing,
    or seem to be rushing when they’re still

    (I didn’t think the light wood body
    of your guitar could possibly be a statue
    even only 5 feet away)

    and how can I listen
    to my own ears like seashells?
    and does light move
    like the eyes in a painting?

    I know it’s me moving, but
    my imagination
    Is following me.

  6. Could you rub my back?
    it's sore from all that i carry
    don't you see me struggle?
    the weight is too much
    i could use your help.
    i am crumbling