Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mobeus Strip

Write a poem based on the concept or idea of a "Mobeus strip".

If you're like me and don't know much about this, Make it up!

*If you *want to* you can connect your poem to other poems already posted. I say that because I did that, in keeping (sort of, maybe?) with the Mobeus Strip idea. Maybe you can execute it more successfully than I!


  1. i believe i have found
    the secret to interstellar space travel:

    make the timing belt out of a mobeus strip

    so we never leave, we never arrive,
    we always are all, the one sided cycle

  2. It was a one sided cycle,
    untraceable on the cold bar

    "With a twist" you say,
    and we never leave

    when it arrives
    you stir sardonically,
    and I can't keep my outsides in

    you half math, me double space
    interstellar belief
    and a found object, looped
    around and around your waste.

  3. around and around,
    stuck in her orbit,
    he recycles phrases

    opens insides to her
    then inverts again
    in a one-sided cycle:

    the property of surfaces,
    a twisted infinity.

  4. Le Strip Möbius

    Here we go!
    Oh! I'm back again

    Up in the air
    Oh! down under

    Whee! it's a wild ride
    whoosh to the underside

    Let's try a twist
    through stellar hoops

    Loop de loop
    where "loup" is wolf

    man wolf to man
    wolf man to wolf

    Off the roof
    and back again!
    "loup" French for "wolf"

  5. The Mobeus Strip is listing
    Sending one, all over and over
    Model twisted without edge
    Ants traversed in handedness