Tuesday, September 22, 2009

week five

This week, write a poem that includes a Post-It note. No references to the famous Sex and the City Post-It note break-up, please.


  1. I lost the sticky-note
    That reminded me how-to,
    and what-to
    Fill the spaces with pillows and pages
    Learn the way to Cambridge
    Fire the seven men
    and head into the forest (listed in order
    of thought not order of importance)
    Find the food you need
    the hearty grains and the deepest greens
    Look up and right to tell the truth
    Close your eyes to see it

  2. personism

    after frank o’hara

    it was founded by me before dinner on
    a day in which i was in love with someone:
    a blue post-it, adhesive mottled with lint,
    scrawled with subjects to bring up with you
    when yearning crippled my nerves

    how was your weekend in astoria?
    has your father forgiven your mother yet
    for locking the keys inside the durango?
    do you believe in absolute morality?
    you have some mayo on your lip, there.

    (read Personism: A Manifesto)

  3. at the age of four
    william blake envisioned
    the face of god in a window

    at the age of four
    i thought my father
    invented the post-it note

    at the age of ten
    william blake learned to paint
    at a prestigious art school

    at the age of ten
    i learned to program a vcr
    to record my favorite cartoons

    at the age of twenty-five
    william blake taught his wife
    how to read and write

    at the age of twenty-five
    my husband is still trying
    to get me to play halo.

  4. Pre-Post-It Note

    Born in 1940 before Post-It notes were
    invented I now wonder what we

    did before Post-It notes were invented, did we
    write on scraps and moisten with a dab of

    saliva and affix to pages, did we
    write right on the page itself in pencil hoping

    a not too calcified eraser would later
    erase the disfigurement to a pristine

    page which later a Post-It note would so
    sweetly adorn with its light but firm

    kiss of adhesive and then like a poignant
    departure by train with all the attendant

    hanky-waving and kisses blown be pried apart
    just as lightly and crumpled into a kind of

    wrecked yellow origami and thrown into a
    wastebasket, I mean

    just what did we do? Because today
    they flutter everywhere in my world like

    Tibetan Prayer Flags, as place-markers, typo
    indicators when proofreading, and then simply

    as reminders, little square secretaries, as
    nimble as you please, and as


  5. they stick to my screen so i don't forget
    scrawled with writing
    a schedule set
    tasks accomplished, good and done
    sad to see what my life has become

  6. I stuck one to a paper cup,
    the post-it note that wished me luck

    I stuck another to a page,
    marking the spot in which to save

    I stuck some to the cabinet doors,
    listing the many, many chores

    I stuck one more on the wall,
    only to have it float and fall

    The last one is stuck to a bathroom tile,
    a reminder to just SMILE…