Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 3

fighting about socks? or what??

Write a piece in which two or more characters are fighting about stupid little things, and not the real thing.


  1. I said "No rain in Spain!"
    He said "It does rain in Spain..."

    I said "No snow in Kokomo Ontario!"
    He said "There is no Kokomo Ontario..."

    I said "You can't beat the heati in Tahiti!"
    He said "Heati's not a word don't be absurd..."'

    We battled on the battlements
    in very brief bagatelles

    one serve batted back until we both
    wrenched our sacroiliacs

    and now we're sad sacks for having
    wracked and ruined our heart attacks

    though in the end no one to defend
    the very fact that both parry and tack

    were one friend and one friend
    attempting to make a

    single blend

  2. it wasn't a battle of wits
    or a fight to be won
    just an opening to be heard
    as silence floods the room
    gazing at one another, both speak
    but where does the listening begin?

  3. she said, that shirt looks stupid.
    he said, you think i look stupid?
    she replied, no, the shirt IS stupid.
    he replied, I'm NOT even WEARING a shirt!
    she looked, and retorted, the shirt on the hanger.
    he looked at the hanger, that shirt? he cried.
    the blue one? he questioned.
    she sighed and said sarcastically, the red one.
    he huffed and said ignorantly, what red one??
    she got up and walked out of the room without saying anything.
    he followed her and asked, what's wrong with you tonight?
    she spun in place and stared him in the eyes, what's wrong with me!? with ME!?!

  4. *
    the devil is in the details

    “you KNOW i don’t drink two-percent milk,”
    she said, sliding the half-gallon container
    back down to his end of the kitchen island.

    “what do you mean you don’t drink two percent?
    i saw you put it on your cereal last weekend
    when we were staying at your parents’ house.”

    “we’ve been living together for two years
    and you STILL don’t know what milk i like best.
    i've become invisible to you, haven’t i?”

    he stood transfixed amidst hurled accusations,
    staring at the way her earrings caught the light
    and made it dance on her exposed collarbone.

  5. you:
    scraping every last bit of peanut
    butter, fudge sauce, whipped cream,
    sprinkles from the top of that
    ice cream sundae
    leaving only plain vanilla.

    laying my spoon down.
    decisive. feeling justified –
    “i’m done.”